Songs By Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart – Part 1 (from A to I)

Title Written for Year Notes
Ale, ale, ale Dearest Enemy 1925
Alexander’s Blitztime Band Miss Underground Cut
All at once Babes In Arms 1937
All dark people Babes In Arms 1937
Allez-up The Garrick Gaieties II
Amarillo They Met in Argentina Cut
And therely hangs a tail The Garrick Gaieties I
Angel Without Wings I Married an Angel
Animated Objects I Married an Angel (movie) Cut
April Fool The Garrick Gaieties I Cut
Are you My Love? Dancing Pirate
At the round table A Connecticut Yankee 1927
At the Round Table A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943
At the Roxy Music Hall I Married an Angel Re-used
At the Saskatchewan Betsy
Atlantic blues Lido Lady Cut
Await your Love Chee-chee
Babes in arms Babes In Arms 1937
Baby Bond A I’d Rather Be Right
Baby Stars Hollywood Party
Baby’s Awake Now Spring Is Here Cut
Baby’s Best Friend A She’s My Baby
Baby Wants To Dance Winkle Town
Ban In Every Man The Manhattan Melodrama
Bad Little Apple And The Wise Old Tree The Miss Underground
Barking Baby Never Bites A Higher and Higher
Bath And Dressmaking Sequence I Married an Angel (movie) Cut
Beauty of another day The Lido Lady Cut
Because we’re young Follow Through (Film)
Better Be Good to Me Chee-chee Cut
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Pal Joey
Big brother The Boys From Syracuse
Birds on hight Betsy
Black and White The Garrick Gaieties I
Black Diamond Hollywood Party
Blue Monday Higher and Higher Cut
Blue Moon
Blue Ocean Blues Present Arms
Blue Room The The Girlfriend
Bottoms Up By Jupiter
Boy I Left Behind Me The By Jupiter
Britain’s own ambassadors A Connecticut Yankee 1927
Bugle blow Betsy Cut
Bumper Found a Grand Hallelujah, I’m A Bum 1933
Burning Hollywood Party
Bury Me No They Met in Argentina Cut
Bye and bye Dearest Enemy 1925 Cut
Cabarets The Girlfriend
Camelot Samba The A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943
Cameo shoot Lido Lady
Camera Shoot She’s My Baby Cut
Can’t You Do a Friend a Favor? A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943 re-used
Careless Rhapsody By Jupiter
Cat Can Look At A Queen American’s Sweetheart
Cause We Got Cake Too Many Girls Cut
Charming, Charming Peggy-Ann
Cheerio Dearest Enemy 1925
Chicago Pal Joey
Chuck it Lido Lady
Chuck it Peggy-Ann
Circus In On Parade The Jumbo re-used
City Flat, A The Fifth Avenue Follies
College on Broadway, A  Fly With Me
Color of Her Eyes The Spring Is Here
Colour of Her Eyes The Ever Green Cut
Come Across American’s Sweetheart re-used
Come and tell me Peggy-Ann Cut
Come and tell me Betsy Cut
Come On, Men Simple Simon Cut
Come Out Of The Nursery Simple Simon
Come with me The Boys From Syracuse Cut
Coney Island Simple Simon
Comfort Me Winkle Town
Congratulations Winkle Town
Contrappunto They Met in Argentina
Convention The The Phantom President Cut
Country Needs A Man The The Phantom President
Cradle of the deep Betsy
Crazy Elbows Present Arms
Creole crooning song The Girlfriend
Cup of tea A Lido Lady
Cup of Tea A (there’s magic in the cup) Spring Is Here
Cutting the Cane They Met in Argentina
Easy to Remember Mississsippi
Elaine A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943 Cut
Election The One Dam Thing After Another Cut
Eleventh Dam Thing One Dam Thing After Another
Encantado They Met in Argentina
Evely, what do you say? A Connecticut Yankee 1927 Cut
Ever-ready Freddie Lido Lady
Ev’ry Sunday Afternoon Higer And Higer Cut
Ev’rybody Loves You I’d Rather Be Right
Ev’rything I’ve Got By Jupiter Cut
Exercise Lido Lady
Face The Facts I Married an Angel (movie) Cut
Falling in love with love The Boys From Syracuse Cut
Farewell, O Life Chee-chee
Femme a Toujours Vingt Ans! La Ever Green
Finale, act one Dearest Enemy 1925
Flower Garden of My Heart The Pal Joey
Fly Away To Ioway Hollywood Party
Follow on Betsy Cut
Food for Scandal Fools For Scandal
Fools Meets Fools By Jupiter
For Jupiter and Greece By Jupiter Cut
Four little songpluggers The Garrick Gaieties II
France Is Free Miss Underground
From Another World Higher and Higher
Full-brown roses Dearest Enemy 1925
Gateway of the Temple of Minerva The By Jupiter
Gave Me Eyes American’s Sweetheart
Gavotte Dearest Enemy 1925
Get Your Man Miss Underground
Gigolo The Garrick Gaieties II
Gigolo One Dam Thing After Another
Girl friend The The Girlfriend Re-used
Girls do not tempt me Dearest Enemy 1925
Girls, Girls, Girls! The Merry Widow
Give A Man A Job Hollywood Party
Give Her A Kiss The Phantom President Cut
Give It Back to the Indians Too Many Girls
Give Me Just A Moment Love Me Tonight
Give this little girl a hand! Peggy-Ann Cut
Glad to Be Unhappy On Your Toes
Go! Go! Benuti! The Show Is On
Good fellow mine The Girlfriend
Good old Harry Lido Lady
Goodbye, Lenny The Girlfriend
Guilding the Guild The Garrick Gaieties I
Hallelujah, I’m a Bum Hallelujah, I’m A Bum 1933
Hallelujah, I’m a Bum (#2) Hallelujah, I’m A Bum 1933
Happy Hunting Horn Pal Joey
Harlemania Ever Green
Havana Peggy-Ann
Have you met Miss Jones? I’d Rather Be Right
Hawaii Present Arms
He and she The Boys From Syracuse
He Looks So Good to Me The Hot Heiress cut
He Was Too Good to Me Simple Simon cut
Heart Is Quicker than the Eye The On Your Toes
Height-ho, Lackaday Dearest Enemy 1925
Hello! Peggy-Ann
Hello! Hollywood Party
The Hollyhocks Winkle Town
Her Hair Is Black As Licorice Chee-chee
Here in my arms Dearest Enemy 1925
Here She Comes She’s My Baby
Heremits The Winkle Town
Heremits The Dearest Enemy 1925 Re-Used
Here’s a Hand By Jupiter
Here’s a kiss Dearest Enemy 1925
Here’s Martin The Groom A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943
Heroes in the Fall Too Many Girls
He’s a winner The Girlfriend
Hey! Hey! The Girlfriend
His Chances Are Not Worth A Penny I’d Rather Be Right cut
Hight Hats The Fifth Avenue Follies
Hollywood Party #1 Hollywood Party
Hollywood Party #2 Hollywood Party
Homogeneous Cabinet A I’d Rather Be Right
Hot Blues Ever Green
How About It? American’s Sweetheart
How can we help but miss you? Dearest Enemy 1925 cut
How Can You Forget Fools For Scandal cut
How to Win Friends and Influence People I Married an Angel
Howdy to Broadway Peggy-Ann
How’s Your Health? Higher and Higher
Hum to The Girlfriend cut
Hunted Stang The Too Many Girls cut
Hunting Song Simple Simon cut
Hunting the Fox Simple Simon
Hymm to the sun A Connecticut Yankee 1927
Hymm To The Sun A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943 Re-Used
I Am A Prince Chee-chee
I beg you pardon Dearest Enemy 1925
I Blow A Glad Good Day Chee-chee
I blush A Connecticut Yankee 1927 cut
I Can Do Wonders With You Heads Up! cut
I Can Do Wonders With You Simple Simon Re-Used
I Could Write a Book Pal Joey Re-used
I Didn’t Know What Time It Was Pal Joey (film version) re-used
I Didn’t Know What Time It Was Too Many Girls
I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943 Re-Used
I feel at home with you A Connecticut Yankee 1927
I Gotta Get Back to New York Hallelujah, I’m A Bum 1933
I Grovel to Your Cloth Chee-chee
I Had Twins The Boys From Syracuse
I Keep On Singing Mississippi cut
I Know You’re too Wonderful For Me Winkle Town
I Like To Recognize the Tune Too Many Girls
I Married An Angel I Married an Angel
I must be going Lido Lady
I Must Love You Chee-chee
I need some cooling off One Dam Thing After Another
I Need Some Cooling Off She’s My Baby Re-Used
I Still Believe in You Simple Simon
I Wake At Morning Chee-chee
I Want a Man Winkle Town
I Want a Man American’s Sweetheart Re-Used
I Want a Man Lido Lady cut
I wish I were in love again Babes In Arms 1937
I Won’t sing a song A Connecticut Yankee (revival) 1943 Cut
I’d Do It Again Hallelujah, I’m A Bum 1933
I’d like to hide it Dearest Enemy 1925
I’d like to take you home The Girlfriend
I’d Rather Be Right #1 I’d Rather Be Right cut
I’d Rather Be Right #2 I’d Rather Be Right
Idles of the king One Dam Thing After Another
Idles of the King The Garrick Gaieties II
If I Give in to You Ever Green
If I Were King Winkle Town
If I were you Betsy
If Widows are Rich The Merry Widow
I’ll Always Been An Optimist Winkle Town
I’ll Be A Star American’s Sweetheart
I’ll Never Share You Chee-chee
I’ll Tell the Man in the Street I Married An Angel
I’m a Fool, Little One Present Arms
I’m A Queen In My Own Domain Hollywood Party cut
I’m Afraid Higher and Higher
I’m hard to please Follow Through (Film) cut
I’m One Of The Boys Hollywood Party cut
I’m so humble Peggy-Ann cut
I’m Talking to My Pal Pal Joey cut
Imagine Babes In Arms 1937
In A great Big Way Chee-chee
In Califor-n-i-a American’s Sweetheart
In his harms Peggy-Ann cut
In New Orleans The Girlfriend
In our parlot on the third floor back Betsy
In the Cool of the Evening Ever Green
In The Name Of The Art The Fifth Avenue Follies
Innocent Chorus Girls of Yesterday American’s Sweetheart
Is It the Uniform? Present Arms
Is my girl refined? Betsy cut
Isn’t It Romantic? Love Me Tonight
It Happened in the Dark Miss Underground
It Must Be Heaven Heads Up!
It Must Be Love The Merry Widow cut
It Never Entered My Mind Higher and Higher
It Never Happened Before Follow Through (Film) cut
It’s Easy To Remember (a.k.a.Easy to Remember) Mississsippi
It’s Got to Be Love On Your Toes
It’s Pretty In The City Higher and Higher Cut
It’s quite enough to make me weep The Garrick Gaieties I
I’ve Got Five Dollars America’s Sweetheart
I’ve Got That Hollywood Party cut

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